PADI Rescue Diver... Change The Way You Dive

The Rescue Diver course is both a challenging and rewarding course which will change the way you look at diving forever. You will learn not only how to spot and deal with problems both underwater and on the surface calmly and with confidence, you will learn valuable self-rescue skills and develop a new sense of awareness of any potential problems with other divers around you.

You will learn how to deal with leg cramps, tired divers, stress, uncontrolled panic in others, how to deal with unconscious and non-breathing divers, how to deliver emergency care, administer emergency oxygen, search for missing divers, recover casualties, and how to deal with marine life injuries and other accidents and problems which may occur on a boat such as a bad fall, severe bleeding, spinal injuries, broken bones, shock and many others.

PADI Rescue Diver | Photo by Dive & Relax
PADI Rescue Diver | Photo by Dive & Relax

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An integral part of this course is being able to deliver emergency first aid, and this is taught in the Emergency First Response (EFR) course which must be completed before beginning your Rescue Diver course, unless you already hold a similar qualification in emergency first aid from another orginisation.

The training you will receive will enable you to respond correctly to a life-threatening emergency and help to keep a victim alive and manage an incident until professional medical help arrives.

Before you start the PADI Rescue Diver course, you must be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent) and we recommend that you have at least 20 dives and are reasonably comfortable in the water, with good buoyancy.

Typical Course Schedule:

Day 1: Rescue Diver theory & exam covering everything from how to spot the signs of mental and physical stress in other divers to effective rescue techniques and how to protect yourself in real-life rescue situations.

Day 2: Rescue Diver training exercises in confined water. A total of 10 rescue exercises are practiced which will give you the skills necessary for real-life diver rescues.

Day 3: Rescue Diver open water rescue scenarios at sea - you will need to respond to real life accidents and emergencies simulated by our staff on the dive boat and underwater at a real dive site with other divers.

How do I start?

It's very simple, all you need to do is send us an enquiry, tell us when you will arrive on Koh Lanta, which resort you are staying at, and which date you wish to start the course - we will do all the rest for you.

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