Scuba Skills Refresh... Not Dived for a While?

If you have a diving certification and have not dived for a while then we can help you get back into the water with a Refresh.

We realise that many people don't dive very often, but are reasonably confident in the water and can remember most of what they learned during their training, however as time goes by, things do get forgotten and thus we offer a 'light' scuba skills review which can be combined with a day's fun diving on the reef.

Scuba Skills Refresh | Photo by Dive & Relax
Scuba Skills Refresh | Photo by Dive & Relax

Most of the diving around Koh Lanta is easy, with relatively shallow sites, shelter from current, good visibility and usually good weather, this is an ideal place to refresh your knowledge and review some of the basic skills of scuba diving.

Do I Need a Scuba Skills Refresh?

Diving is a very safe activity, however if you have not dived for a while then the risk of problems occuring can increase, especially with buoyancy and mask clearing. We aim to create a safe environment for diving and to do this, we have adopted the following policies regarding skills refresh:

  • Did not dive for 6 months or more? you have less than 10 dives? You must take a refresher.
  • Did not dive for 1 year or more? you have less than 25 dives? You must take a refresher.
  • Did not dive for 2 years or more? you have less than 100 dives? You must take a refresher.
  • Did not dive for 3 years or more? You must take a refresher.

Please bring your log book with you when diving with us. If you do not have proof of logged dives then we may insist that you take a refresher course before allowing you to dive with us.

Our policy is different from some of the other dive operators on Koh Lanta, and unlike other dive operators in the tropics, we don't have a house reef for check dives (mandatory in many areas). We strongly believe that refreshing your skills is essential for not just your own safety and enjoyment, but also for other divers that you are diving with and our team.

Too many times we've seen people who insist that they don't need a refresher then struggle to remember how to check their equipment properly, take a long time descend, problems equalisinge their ears and properly adjusting their buoyancy on their first dive.

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What is a Light Scuba Skills Refresh?

Our Light Scuba Skills Refresh incorporates a refresher into a day trip (2 dives) to one of our local dive sites.

The refresher begins the day before your dives with a short theory review to do in your own time - we can lend you a PADI Open Water Diver manual to help you if necessary. If there's anything in the theory review which you don't understand then our instructors will be very happy to help with an explanation.

On the day of your dives, we will start with a dive and skill briefing before the boat departs and once at the dive site your instructor will ease you back into the water to review underwater skills in shallow water such as mask clearing, regulator clearing and recovery and out of air procedure. We'll also help with improving buoyancy, breathing and finning techniques, checking your equipment and anything else you've forgotten!

After reviewing the skills at the beginning of the first dive, you will continue on to the explore the reef, with our staff assisting where necessary to get you feeling comfortable and relaxed again in the water.

After lunch we will move the boat for the second dive which is much more of a fun dive, however you will still be accompanied by one of our experienced staff who will help with anything that may still be causing you problems.

Full Scuba Review

For those of you who have not been diving for a long time, or those with just a few dives who are lacking confidence, we can offer a Full Scuba Review in a swimming pool or confined water where we review all of the skills learned in your open water training course. This is usually done one or two days before your first dives from the boat.

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