Dive Hin Klai

Gareng Heng

Just 2 kms east of Koh Phi Phi Leh's Viking Bay lies the submerged and less-often dived submerged pinnacle of Hin Klai (sometimes called Gareng Heng).

Out in the open, and difficult for dive boat captains to locate, the corals and marine life are in fantastic condition as Hin Klai is only dived occasionally by dive boats from Koh Lanta.

As a result of this, divers can usually find they have the site to themselves making a great second dive after Koh Phi Phi or the HTMS Kledkaeo Wreck.

Extensive Acropora Corals around Hin Klai with Dive & Relax, Koh Lanta

This gently sloping pinnacle begins at around 6m, dropping to around 13m on the east side and 17m on the west side.

Covered with many hundreds of huge rocks, this oval-shaped reef is home to thousands of anemones, countless barrel sponges, huge gorgonian sea fans, staghorn coral gardens and what can seem like millions of reef fish

With a good chance to see zebra sharks and blue spotted stingrays at Hin Klai, divers can also see hawksbill turtles, huge schools of snapper, fusiliers, moorish idols, boxfish and pufferfish, ghost pipefish, nudibranchs and many other species.

Dive Hin Klai with Dive & Relax

Even though we try to dive this site around times of milder currents, the tide tables are not always accurate.

Currents can occasionally be a little stronger around Hin Klai, meaning this dive site is less suitable for beginner level or less confident divers.

We love diving around Hin Klai due to the excellent condition of the corals and marine life, and diving from Koh Lanta is the only real option that divers have to explore this near-pristine dive site.

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Divers should be minimum PADI Open Water Diver certified, and be reasonably confident in the water to dive Hin Klai.

Hin Klai Map - Dive & Relax

Hin Klai Map

Hin Klai
Visibility: 5m - 20m +
Level of Diving: Medium
Snorkeling: No
Depth: 6m - 17m +
Journey Time: 30 - 40 mins

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