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Razorfishes are a small family of unusual shaped species which are normally found in shallow tropical waters. The long thin bodies have sharp dorsal and lower body edges and a straight profile with a long snout. The very small mouth has no teeth.

The body is covered with many thin translucent bony plates and the sharp part of the dorsal fin is located close to the tail fin, comprising one long sharp spine at the end, with two shorter spines behind.

Members of the Razorfish family are small, razor-thin fishes which often swim head down in small synchronised groups, feeding on zooplankton.

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Jointed Razorfish

Aeoliscus strigatus

Jointed Razorfish (Aeoliscus strigatus) @ Koh Phi Phi

Aeoliscus strigatus @ Koh Phi Phi

The Jointed Razorfish has a silvery body with a dark brown stripe from the snout to the tail. The long sharp dorsal fin extends behind the body.

The body is flat and the snout long and thin. The first dorsal spine extends from the rear body. A hinge allows the rear part to angle in different directions.

The Jointed Razorfish grows to 15 cm but more often observed around 10 cm. Seen head-down in small groups in darker, sheltered reef areas.

May shelter in coral branches or sea urchin spines. Feeds on tiny crustaceans in the zooplankton.

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